Restec is committed to building a strong regional technological base of expertise to support the development of solutions to scientific and engineering problems.

An equally important mission of the company is to facilitate the transfer of advanced engineering and information technologies to the Middle East.


Restec aims to combine science with business excellence to achieve its goals. We manage short-term risks and uncertainties, but we focus on long-term reward.

Our services

Restec provides world-class services focusing on the Middle East using state-of-the-art engineering and information technologies through:

  1. Agencies & Contracts: By forming partnership and alliances with international companies we improve our services and offering to the Middle East marketplace.
  2. Lab Equipment: Restec is supplying laboratory equipment, scientific instrumentation and chemicals to research and industry labs in the Middle East.
  3. PVT Software Package: Restec is developing edge technology suite of engineering software that broadens current understanding and utilization of PVT data.
  4. PVT Studies: Restec with its long experience in PVT R&D can enhance your company benefits from your PVT data Restec experts offer specialized professional studies and consultation.
  5. Training: Restec offers especially tailored in-house courses. These courses are for petroleum engineers, computer specialists, and PVT studies.

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